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Atheism. Who Cares. Nothing is Ever Good Enough, So “Sure.”


By Leonardo De Walnut

The problem with atheists is that most of them are assholes.  They get all offended when other people try to pray or “do God things.” What do they care? Why would you get offended over something you don’t believe in? They REALLY get offended if you pray for them, like they are somehow going to be cursed by a non-existent God. They are just as pushy about their point of view as Christers. Plus, they are pompous and cocky about their beliefs (or lack thereof). They look down on everyone else for having bullshit beliefs. Atheists, there is not enough sufficient evidence to come to that conclusion. Get off your high horse.

And I have no idea why Atheists think that they are morally upright. There is nothing about being an atheist that precludes you from acting immorally. That’s all personal choice, why not take ownership of it? It’s irrelevant to the belief that when you die you cease to exist. To think that somehow making a difference during this lifetime is “atheist” is like assuming that developing good self-esteem is only achieved through therapy.

I, myself, am an agnostic.  However, for me it’s not a commitment to a philosophy, it’s more a view of “this is how the universe works.”  Religious people have faith that there is a god.  Atheists have faith that there is no god.  We really cannot prove or disprove it either way, thus a Socratic minded person will adopt the agnostic view.

I am very tolerant of other people’s beliefs. It’s not that I have a big boner for tolerance, but when it comes to belief systems, I think that all are equal. Because I think everyone is equally wrong. And their beliefs do not affect me what-so-ever. It’s no skin off my nose. You wanna pray for me? Pray away.

If you think about it, nobody really WANTS to be an atheist, because it is the worst possible situation to be in.  I would love to be wrong, and for there to be a god.  I just don’t think that there is.  Just believing in something does not make it true.  It’s about how committed you are to knowing the truth.  If you really want to know the truth, you don’t just adopt a belief system because it has a feel good outcome.  Is it safe to think that my inevitable death is not the end of my existence, and I can go through life without the unbearable angst of my own mortality?

I met a guy once who used to believe in Wicca.  I later asked him about it, and he said he no longer believed in it because it just didn’t fit with his lifestyle.  And I just went off on him and said, “look, religious beliefs aren’t based on what you think is cool. It’s about how you think reality actually operates.” If a man on death row is about to be electrocuted, he can believe that he is just fucked, or he can have hope that the governor is going to call at the last minute and he will be saved.  But his belief is irrelevant to the fact that either way he’s going to get fried.  Which would you prefer: harmless delusion or to know that you are fucked?

And don’t even get me started on Mormons.


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10 comments on “Atheism. Who Cares. Nothing is Ever Good Enough, So “Sure.”

  1. lala1966
    November 24, 2013

    Great post! I believe in God myself but I agree what you are saying. In fact, I just posted something similar today. Religion is like politics. It is all really a difference of opinion with no real way to completely know who is right, and people think that there are only two sides to either one. Have a great day! 😉

    • Modern Disappointment
      November 24, 2013

      Thanks, lala1966. We appreciate your support! I categorized Leonardo’s article under the department of “Unpopular Thoughts” because I know how vehement people’s feelings are on matters of religion. It’s nice to represent voices not normally heard (regardless of whether or not we agree) and keep people free to speak. I think that private voices are a great way to keep things grey instead of black and white.

      • lala1966
        November 24, 2013

        I agree! 😉

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  3. wandapsycho
    December 3, 2013

    I certainly wouldn’t say that all atheists are assholes any more than I’d say that all Christians are bible-thumping fundamentalist morons. However, I have certainly encountered more than a few arrogant non-believers and more than a few fire and brimstone fundies. Perhaps its best to write the closed-minded “my way or the highway” types off. I certainly have no room for them in my life.

  4. jagasghost
    September 14, 2014

    I’m going to go ahead and disagree with a lot of Leonardo’s rant. Atheism is really just the disbelief in the existence of God or of gods so Leo here, by his own admission, is an Atheist. Agnosticism is more along the lines of an adjunct to Atheism. It’s the acceptance that the ultimate truth of the matter is unknowable. As Leo points out, belief is not the same as fact. His disbelief in God makes him an Atheist, his acceptance of the unknowable nature of the question makes him an Agnostic Atheist. Oh, and the “atheists on their high horse, think they’re better than everyone else” trope is getting pretty played out. Reading a Richard Dawkins book does not make you an expert on the inner-workings of those professing atheism. Having a belief necessitates believing that you are correct about it. This works the same for everyone so either we’re all assholes or none of us are. Except for the assholes. Screw them.

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