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It Pays to be Smart. Or So You Think.

By Sinnamon Rohl on behalf of Madjuncts Unite Press

As editor of Modern Disappointment, I encourage artists and writers to submit their work for publication.

Here is our first guerrilla art submission from Madjuncts Unite Press, a wholesome and subversive group of justice seeking adjuncts. It’s a visual parody based on a poster making its way onto college campuses purporting the advantages of staying in school and higher education. The irony is that the figure given for annual income without even a high school diploma is actually higher than the average earnings of an adjunct professor at an institution of higher learning–for which you need a postgraduate degree. And probably someone who is instructing in the very building in which the poster hangs.

We here at MD fully support our adjunct brethren, and are delighted to share their latest piece of irreverent and tragic humor. Think of them like Fight Club, but without any explosions. Or fighting. “Madjuncts Unite” sounds way cooler than “Adjunct Club.” And their first rule is that you HAVE to talk about them.


It Pays To Stay In Debt!

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8 comments on “It Pays to be Smart. Or So You Think.

  1. jrhoskins
    March 3, 2014

    Reblogged this on The Adjunct Crisis and commented:
    This poster needs to hang all over college campuses.

  2. adjunctforlife
    March 4, 2014


  3. Gwendolyn Bradley
    March 6, 2014

    This is a bit irrelevant to your main point here, but FYI, the $11,160 estimate attributed to the AAUP comes (I believe) from figures that were reported in the media not quite accurately; the underlying data are here & are from a Coalition on the Academic Workforce Survey:

  4. Modern Disappointment
    March 6, 2014

    Interested in reading more about issues affecting adjuncts, via Modern Disappointment? Check out one of our favorites:

    Adjunct. The Modern Indentured Servant. By Sinnamon Rohl (our Editor)

    And our latest:
    Invisible, in Life as Well as Death. By Kareme D’Wheat

  5. VanessaVaile
    March 10, 2014

    Reblogged this on As the Adjunctiverse Turns.

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