modern disappointment.

A place to file your complaints. Submissions welcome.

About Modern Disappointment.


Modern Disappointment. An online magazine about things that bother you, that are of unpopular opinion, that you can’t control or that you can’t risk complaining about in public. Sometimes things just don’t work out as planned. Sometimes our expectations are crushed. Sometimes we are profoundly disappointed.


Editor’s Note: This idea came to me as an outlet for my adult complaining. I was surprised that as an adult I still have disappointment or anger about things beyond my control. I’m acting as editor, but would basically like to provide a venue for people to complain with impunity and without consequence. And I’m taking submissions! Send one if you like. Tell a friend! Contributors remain anonymous, and all names will be changed unless they’re a celebrity or something.

Send submissions to:

All submissions are subject to wanton editing and inclusion. All author names will be changed unless specifically requested by the author. All works should be original to the author. Modern Disappointment supports the opinions of its contributors, but the views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Modern Disappointment and its editor. Modern Disappointment takes no responsibility for the factual verification of the information presented, or for offensive material and observations presented in our online mag. Although much of our content is journalistic in nature, it’s for entertainment purposes, folks.


Your Humble Editor & Curator
Modern Disappointment

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